Since 2014, we have been able to raise and donate $x.xx to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Cancer Patient Care Fund.


The Cape Breton Bike Rally (CBBR) is a four-day experience for consisting of a large number of exciting activities for everyone to enjoy in a safe and friendly environment.

The Cape Breton Bike Rally has existed locally over the last four consecutive years. The first Cape Breton Bike Rally event took place in August of 2014. During the first and second annual rally the event was held in Sydney, Nova Scotia, while the third and fourth annual rally was and will continue to be held in Membertou, Nova Scotia.

The rally is a non-profit event hosted by a non-profit organization; The Island Strong Motorcycle Association. Funds raised from the rally over and above our operational costs are donated the the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Cancer Patient Care Fund. The Island Strong Motorcycle Association group embraces a volunteer board of directors and a large committee all of which reside in Cape Breton Island. 

To provide a safe and friendly, four-day event filled with exciting activities for everyone of all ages.
— Island Strong Motorcycle Association

What We've Achieved

  • Donated yearly to Cape Breton Regional Hospital's Cancer Patient Care Fund.
  • Placed second overall in Canada's Belt Drive Betty Rider Friendly Competition